The Artisan 4p0 Summit
Blulever Education

Blulever Education is a start-up with the mission of training industrial artisans to improve their skills in the wake of advancing technology. The Artisan 4.0 Summit was the first major event organised to drive awareness and encourage further networking within the industry. I designed the event brand for the summit.

Role : Freelance Graphic Designer
The Concept

As this was Blulever’s first major event, my objective was to create an identity that was striking and put artisans in the spotlight. I created an event brand that is typographically driven, and also punctuated with pattern. The logo is plain, yet visually aligns with the basic geometric shapes that form part of the visual identity.

Logo Alternatives

The work of an industrial artisan is heavily manual, and these alternatives highlight the  importance of the artisan’s handiwork. However, the client selected the option that opened up the opportunity to create accompanying patterns to liven up the brand. 
Brand Patterns and Elements

The brand patterns add dynamism to the visual identity. The motifs were all generated from elements found within the logo.
Event Taglines / Secondary Logos
After designing the core identity system and the accompanying patterns, I followed up with the merchandise and event collateral.

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