Coretec Software Design is a tech-startup based in Tripoli, Libya. It presents the brand promise of delivering robust software products through a variety of coding languages. 
The objective of the project was to design a visual identity that reflected this brand promise. I collaborated with Jasmine Amer, a graphic and interior designer, to create the visual identity system and interior murals for this project.
Role : Freelance Graphic Designer
The concept for this visual identity system heavily references the syntax behind programming languages. The logo we designed is inspired by the brackets universal to all coding languages: ( ), { }, [ ]. These brackets have been transformed into the playful, inverted ‘C’ of the logo. The decision to reference the bracket from the letter symbolises the compactness and the robustness of the products that Coretec develops.
The world of programming languages is a colourful place! 
We also explored the possibility of creating other colour versions of the logo. However, we decided to narrow down the colours to a monotone spectrum.
​​​​​​With these brand elements, we designed the Coretec’s visual identity. We drew inspiration from the variety of colours present in coding languages to define a wide spectrum of colours. The selection is harmonious, making the brand distinct. We applied this to the interior wall graphics of their newly rented office space, Powerpoint templates and branded stationery.

The motifs for the patterns were inspired by the myriad of punctuations present in programming languages. We narrowed down our selection to a few marks that are recognisable across most coding languages.
Branded Stationery and Powerpoint Template
Branded Office Interior

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